Throughout the renovation process we made a concerted effort to incorporate sustainable and energy efficient materials in the building.  We connected an old shipping container to the station for the bathrooms and prep area. Wood from the roof was used for the hallway between the two structures.  All of the windows were removed and sent to a local carpenter to be refurbished.  Outside, we installed a rainwater collection system and Truegrid pavers that absorb 100% of the rain with with zero runoff.

Below are a few pictures of the renovation.

Abandoned and boarded up since the 70’s
Pried off the plywood to reveal a pretty nasty interior
Interior detail once the debris from inside was removed


More interior


The original windows were refurbished by a local carpenter


Wood from the roof was used to connect the shipping container to the station


Truegrid installed in the back


Rainwater collection system installed


No utilities to the building for over 40 years


Almost there!


Serving lattes in May, 2017!